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How to Enter Unlocking Code LG  Mobile Phone

Some General Information about your LG Mobile Phone unlock code


After Place your order  you receive  Unlock code email with your unique LG unlocking codes, you may see there's actually more than one unlocking code as some models require more than one code to unlock them fully. However, for simplicity, Most phone need only NCK unlock code.

Some LG  Depending on your model Number , the code you receive can be an 8 digit or 16 digit number.
( Please see below for some examples unlock code )


How to Enter Unlocking Code LG 1 method - LG Models

To enter your unlock code, LG phones Most  require access to a engineer menu first.

To access this menu simply enter this code  2 9 4 5 # * 7 1 0 0 1 # or 2945#*Your Phone Model Number#.

1. Insert an original SIM card and Power phone on
2. Access the engineer hidden menu by typing 2 9 4 5 # * 7 1 0 0 1 # or 2945#*Your Phone Model Number#
3. Select 'Menu' and then 'Settings'
4. Next, select 'Security'
5. Select 'Network Provider' and 'Deactivate'
6. Last step enter the Unlocking Code provided in your email .

(Please note: Some phones require a slightly different access code if this method not working - please see the list below if the above access code doesn't work for your phone.)

How to Enter Unlocking Code LG  2 method - LG Models

1. Insert a any other network  SIM Card and Power on your LG phone
2. The phone will display 'phone restricted, or Enter Network Code.
3. Select Cancel
4. The phone will display 'phone restriction code'.
5. Enter the Unlock code provided
6. Select OK
7. Your LG will now be now unlocked

8.Most Phne need NCK Code



Delivery Time : 1-60 Miniutes

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